What We Do

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1. Tourism

Tourism is an economic sector enjoying sustained international growth. In Europe, it is a net creator of jobs, recording a surplus in the balance of payments and making a major contribution to regional development. Tourism, leisure and culture lie at the heart of public development policies.

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2. EU Funding Programmes

The Regional Policy of the European Union 2014 – 2020 provides through the financial instruments of the Structural Fund substantial grants for investments of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) and large enterprises as well as for regional development policies led by public authorities.

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3. Territorial Development and Marketing

Détente Consultants has elaborated a specific strategic vision of territorial development, from local to crossborder scale. We gather multiple expertizes in complementary fields such as local economic development, territorial strategy, tourism projects management, marketing and communication …

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4. Research and Innovation

Our team composed of tourism and territorial planning experts is collaborating for several years with experienced software developers. Indeed, we maintain a continuous benchmark of IT solutions in the territorial and tourism field in order to propose the most innovative and …

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Our Projects

Détente is working with:

  • Public authorities: governments, regional and local authorities, public organisations.

  • International organisations and development agencies such as the World Bank, the European Commission, WWF, …

  • Private companies


CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Established in December 2013, the Association for the Development of Social and Health Tourism (ADSHT) started as a non-profit initiative of the advisory firm Détente Consultants and gathers confirmed experts in the field of tourism with considerable depth of experience in territorial & urban planning and project management.

All our members shared the increasing need to create an association that will gather multi-level stakeholders in order to answer the most urging needs of the Romanian and European population. Indeed, new forms of cooperation have to be created in order the follow the EU agenda for development. These new types of partnerships necessitates to abandon a single player perspective but rather to adopt and develop values of social responsibility and public and private accountability in the purpose of a balanced and fair development.